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"For over 45 years, our portfolio of products represents quality brands manufactured for consumers in the Ethnic Beauty Industry. We are confident that working with The Stylisa Group will build our business through online marketing to enhance our product growth strategies and to see our community engaged and excited about the products and promotions we offer.
-Renee Black, Director of Marketing J.M. Products Isoplus, LLC Advantage Research Laboratories, Inc.

" We have experienced incredible growth in our online community since hiring The Stylisa Group to manage our social media presence. Our fans are real customers and industry influencers who are actively engaged with us!"
-Vera Moore, CEO Vera Moore Cosmetics



The Stylista Group is a new division of Petia Bradshaw and Associates LLC (founded in 2009) launched in a response to the overwhelming need for effective digital marketing strategy in the Lifestyle brand segment of the market.

We employ the proven best practices of traditional marketing (discovery, customized strategy development, campaign monitoring) to develop digital marketing plans that deliver measurable results.

You are an ideal client for us if you need to identify and understand how digital marketing can fit into your existing marketing plan and assist you to achieve your overall marketing & sales goals.



Social Media Sales Training

Social media without sales is like a beach without just doesn't work. We all know that social media must play an integral role in everyone's marketing and business development initiatives. Staying visible, credible and branded is fundamental to business success and provides the very foundation for all of the other marketing and sales efforts that are put into action. But, if you are engaging in social media WITHOUT thinking about your sales operations you are absolutely not getting the best bang for your buck.

Email Marketing

We are proud to be a part of market leader Constant Contact's Solution Provider Program! We believe that email marketing will always be a very vital part of every business' marketing efforts. Did you know that to date email marketing still has the highest ROI of all digital marketing programs?

Social Media Management

Our Social Media Management process begins with an in depth analysis of the client's internal and external environment; we call this phase the Discovery phase. Based on the results of these findings, we then devise a strategy that is complimentary to the client's overall marketing goals, before moving on to implementation & ongoing management.

Brand Identity

Our brand's identity is so much more than a logo, color or catchy tag-line. Your brand identity is your business' personality and the message that is intuitively communicated to your audience telling them : who your company is, what it does, and what your values and goals are. Your logo should then be a visual representation of all of these things. We can help you to uncover and develop a compelling brand identity that will make you stand out from the competition!

Culture & Memory Marketing

Corporate Culture & Memory Marketing leverages the history & heritage of a company, its "DNA," its who, what, why, where and how which makes up its culture. It leverages the "DNA" as a marketing, public relations and advertising tool, particularly at the time of an anniversary of a company or brand. It can raise the comfort level of a consumer or business client/customer; appeal to feelings of nostalgia particularly in regard to an old brand; and build on or rebuild a reputation.


The Team:

Petia Bradshaw


Roxanna Allen

Amanda Baird

Sanaz Lemoine

Joel Lawrence

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